5 Keys to TRAIN People Who Opt-In to Your List to Buy Your Products

What every busy entrepreneur needs to know about building a highly profitable list

Having a list don’t mean a thing if it don’t go “ka-ching”, at least at some point.

Getting subscribers is only half the battle. The purpose of building a list is so you can have an audience to service and sell to. But, there is an art to it. And the frequency and techniques you use can vary depending on your niche and the preferences of your audience.

So how do you get your subscribers to take action on what you have to say and sell?

You take the “Content Marketing

Let’s look at some options:

1.  Know Your Audience:

I know the “niche it” mantra is an echo heard around the web, but it’s critical that you get this part right. If the wrong people are on your list, it won’t matter the strategy. Your results will be dismal and make you feel like, “Yeah, right! This list building stuff is a bunch of crap!” Get to know them and their challenges clearly. But not as a collective “audience”.

Profile your ideal client and speak to them directly when you’re creating your opt-in gift or any other type of content.

2. Know Your End Game:

How does your free offer step them through the process of making a decision to buy from you? So, many people miss this. You can’t just throw together a free eBook, report audio without knowing what how it fits into profit. You need to be clear on your business model and how each piece connects to the other. Creating a marketing funnel will help you do this.

3.  Know Your Next Step:

Sandwiched between knowing your “target audience” and “end game”, is knowing what you want your target customer to act on next. This step should be strategically designed to get them closer to doing business with you. Now, this next step can be implemented in a few different ways:

  • Creating an O.T.O (One Time Offer) that someone sees right after they sign up…
  • Adding a call to action graphic, or blurb at the beginning & end of your offer…
  • Adding your offer to your thank you page…

4. Host Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly Teleclasses or Webinars

Speak on a topic of interest to your audience.  Choose the format that you are most comfortable with. (And in case you are saying neither, I’m going to challenge you to step out and choose one.) Hosting free classes are great because they have a “perceived value” factor. I call it that because even if people don’t attend, the fact that you do them regularly inspires credibility in your customer’s mind.  The other benefit is that you can use your classes to highlight how a particular solution can help them resolve their issues. Now, they feel like they know you and you can pitch your offer at the end of each session. Set a goal and watch your income go BOOM!

5. Finesse your Follow-Up:

Of course you know following up with your list is a must. But, it can be hard to keep up with or even to know where to start. If you did the work in key 1-3 above, this process will become super easy.  Just having an email go out with some random message, isn’t going to cut it either. The point is, the more you stay on your prospects radar (with value) the better your results will be.

Now, the steps I’ve outlines here is not hardcore stuff. And, I will guess that you may need additional guidance on implementing it. Don’t worry, in the next post, I will dig a little deeper. For now, meditate on this and sign up below for this series where I flesh out this topic and more…


Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” – Ken Blanchard

And as a champion of your success, I’d be honored if you let me know what you thought about this article. Your tips, advice and comments are greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!

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