5 Things Every Busy Entrepreneur Who Hates to Write Needs to Know About Hiring Ghostwriters

The spooky truth about hiring ghostwriters to create content for your business…

Now, I may confuse you a bit with this one. You may ask “But Kenya, don’t you ghostwrite for your clients?” Well, yes and no. I’m a content strategist who creates strategic content from conversations, so clients can get purpose driven content written in the voice of their brand. You can learn more here.

Okay, so let’s talk about the general appeal of having someone else do the dirty work of content creation. Why not?

You’re busy. You’ve got a million ideas and only 24 hours to get them all out there in the world.  It may be tempting to hire someone to write your blog/articles for you.  But, before you do, here are some important things most entrepreneurs miss that end up costing them more time and money than they save.

One more thing to take care of…What exactly do I mean by “Ghostwriter”?

For the purposes of this post I define “ghostwriter” as a writer who writes blogs, articles and other written promotional content for you granting you full copyright and authorship.

Okay, back to the 5 “Things” you need to know :)…

#1. Blog writing services can be a waste of time and money if you’re not careful…

Yes, it may be convenient to hire a freelance services to create a bunch of articles for you. But, what good will it do if it’s sitting in a draft on your blog, on your hard drive or published with no one to read it. See, even if you have someone else create your content, you still need to know what to do with it once you get it. But even before that, you need to know why you’re creating it in the first place. If you don’t know what type of result you want from your content (i.e. do you want to build your list, make a sale, book a consult..etc), you won’t know if it’s actually serving your business.

#2. Is the tone and voice of your brand important to you?

If you are a personality entrepreneur, say a speaker, author or coach, you’ll want your personality to shine through your content. It’s important that the REAL YOU come through. If you invest in quantity over quality, you will find your content lacking voice recognition and probably readability. Many blog writing services promote that they use “English speaking” writers. That doesn’t mean that “English” is their first language. This can crate credibility issues and make your content unreadable and useless to your audience who needs it.

#3. No marketing mindset.

Most blog writing services hire freelancers to create your content. And most of these freelancers (with the exception of copywriters) don’t write with a marketing mindset and even if they could, they may not know your business or understand your concept well enough to sell it in the most compelling way to your audience.

#4. PLR can be a waste of time and money too.

Another popular go-to for jump starting the content process in investing is PLR or Private Label Rights Content. This is per-created content like e-books, infoproducts, articles, videos, e-courses…etc that you can, depending on the rights granted, can claim authorship and customize. The plus is that these can save you time. However, if it’s written poorly or sucks (which you won’t find out until after you buy) it can be more time than it’s worth to try to fix.

#5. Watch out for bottlenecks

Many people get excited about the opportunity to take content off their plate and get other things done. But, I have seen busy entrepreneur’s get stalled on submitting the form to have their content created. Many services ask for keywords you would like them to use in creating your content. If you don’t know they can fish for some, but will they be what you need to attract the RIGHT people to your sites and offers? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, you may want to take time to get them if you want your content to do it’s job in bringing you new leads and business.

The Takeaway…

The spooky truth is…ghostwriting services, while convenient, will not help you magically create client getting content. You aren’t completely off the hook. The strategy and purpose must come from you.

The takeaway here is that outsourcing your content creation needs to any service requires you to KNOW your business. You need to understand your audience’s informational needs as well as your own business goals and vision to ensure you get return on your investment. Otherwise it’s just time and money down the drain and who can afford that?

 I’d Love to Hear From You On This…

What do you think? What has been your experience with hiring blog writing or other content creation services for your business?

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