4 Types of Content Every Professional Speaker Needs in Their Marketing Arsenal

4 Types of Content Every Professional Speaker Needs in Their Marketing Arsenal

If you’re a coach, consultant or mentor, odds are you’re probably doing or want to do some speaking to amplify your brand.

Imagine, you get an invitation to appear for a radio show interview. They ask you for talking points, a head shot and short bio. You tell them you’ll send it right over. The problem is you still have to pull it together. After a day of searching your hard drive, last minute fixes and content creation you send it over.

Or, let’s say you connect with someone on social media interested in doing a joint venture with you. You spend time talking with them only to discover that it’s not the right fit.

What if responding to or applying for speaking opportunities was as easy as clicking a link?

What if you could avoid wasting time pursuing unfruitful partnerships so that only the best get through?

If you take time to create these four content marketing packages, you can avoid stressful situations like these and be prepared for any speaking engagement in a moment’s notice.


Joint Venture Content

Joint ventures offer great opportunities to build your list, increase visibility or make more sales. To avoid wasting valuable time and resources create a JV Kit.  A JV kit is a site or document that outlines your requirements for partnering. It allows people to pre-qualify themselves before applying and keeps you in control of the process.

Here’s what to include in your JV Kit:

  • Offer  Details
  • Link to affiliate program
  • Your Promotional ‘Blurb’ (150 words)
  • Your Photo/Image (of free offer graphic or you)
  • Your Download Link or Page
  • Sample Promo Emails for JV Partners
  • Sample social media posts for JV partners

A great example of a JV page is http://vivavisibilityblog.com/jointventure/

When creating your JV policy, consider what things are important for you in considering partnering with someone.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are my values?
  • What type of web presence or credibility should applicants have?
  • How established do they need to be?
  • What type of value should they bring to my audience?


Affiliate Program Content

Create an Affiliate Center. It makes it easy for your affiliates to promote you. If people have to come up with content to sell your stuff, they probably won’t.

Your Affiliate Center should include:

  • Social Media Promo Posts
  • Banners
  • Sample Promotional Email Templates
  • Sample Blog/Article w/ Author Resource Box

Set up a page or a website exclusively for affiliates to access these tools.  Here’s a great example of an Affiliate Center in action: http://www.multiplestreamsofcoachingincome.com/psmtools.html

Teleseminar/Webinar Presentation Kit

From time to time, you may receive requests to partner or give virtual presentations. And over time you may have a developed series of signature talks that you can present. A great way to streamline the inquiry process is to develop a “Virtual Talk Kit”.

Your Virtual Talk Kit can be a web page or PDF document that includes:

  • Web copy to promote upcoming class
  • Sample questions along with sample you might give
  • Sample email you can send to your list
  • Short and long bio
  • Links to your  affiliate program (if applicable)
  • Link to your headshot or logos
  • An article that they can publish on their blog or ezine
  • Social media posts they can use to promote presentation to their social networks


Speaker/Media Kit

If you’re a speaker you’ve probably at least heard of “media kits” even if you don’t have one yet. Speaker/media kits make it easy to pitch and fill speaking opportunities.

Your media kit can be a page on your website, a digital document or physical packet. It should include:

  • Speaker One Sheet
  • Long Bio
  • Short Bio
  • Radio Intro
  • Speaker Intro
  • Press Releases
  • Links to other media interviews and appearances

Can you see how easy this would make it to manage and market your speaking engagements?

As the famous quote says, “Success happens when preparation and opportunity meet”.

There is too much to do about marketing to be scrambling around trying to seize a speaking or partnership opportunity every time one presents itself.  Besides, if you’re in the middle of a project or deadline, situations like these can make your head want to explode.

So, let’s make sure that doesn’t happen, eh?

Do yourself a favor and set up these content packages for your business.  Having them not only makes you look professional and on top of your game. But, it makes you feel confident, prepared and ready for success.


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The next time you want to court a partnership or reply to  speaking opportunity, all you have to do is send them the link.

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