5 Types of High Value Content to Help You Grow a Responsive Audience

 High Value Content Marketing for speakers, authors, coaches and personality entrepreneurs

What type of content should you use to promote your online business and grow an audience eager to buy from you?

Many speakers, authors, life/business coaches and personality entrepreneurs want to know this.

The answer is… content that offers the highest value and highest return.

(And, typically it’s the content you’ve been avoiding or too busy or too nervous to produce….ahem , but I’ll leave that for another post :))

There are a variety of different ways you can entertain and inform your way in to your prospect’s hearts. But, the key is to choose high-value formats that will not only create an audience of followers, but action takers as well.

What do I mean by “high-value” content?

High Value content simply means content that is regarded as relevant and valuable to your audience. It’s content that gives them access to actionable information that can be applied quickly to move them out of the stuck places in their life or business.

In a noisy online world, where it’s become harder to even pay people for their attention, high value content marketing offers the best way to establish and grow your brand on the web.

Here are 5 types of high-value content you can use to grow an audience of believers and action takers:


#1. Podcasts
A Podcast is a great way to showcase your expertise and personality. A podcast is a pre-recorded audio that can be uploaded to a website and accessed by subscription. As content creation goes, it’s innovative. According to a 2010 survey conducted by Content Marketing Institute, only 16% of marketers use podcasting in their content marketing mix. In my eyes, this presents an amazing opportunity for you if you to become a leader in this medium, especially if you are trying to stand out in an oversaturated “me too” niche.

#2. VideoCasts
A Videocast is just the video version of a podcast. According to the same CMI study mentioned above, 41% of marketer use video in their marketing mix. Video is probably the best way to grow a highly engaged and responsive audience.

YouTube and Vimeo are popular choices for broadcasting your video shows, but there are many more. Recently, YouTube has launched Google Hangouts, which allow you to broadcast live shows. Like podcasts (maybe even more), marketing your content with video helps prospects get to know you and what it would be like working with you.


#3. Webinars
If you have been online for any length of time, you’ve probably attended or even hosted a webinar. Webinars are powerful not only for delivering high value to your audience, but also for it’s power to convert attendees into customers. Many businesses use webinars to teach and sell their programs, products and services. And so should you.

#4. Articles

With article posting at 71% and blogging at 51% in the CMI study. They rank among the most popular ways to promote your business and grow your audience. The key to success with using articles to build awareness is placing articles on other highly trafficked and targeted sites.

While multimedia formats are powerful, you still need a strategy that includes article publishing and blogging. Search engines love text and your target audience will love it too when they perform a search and find your helpful articles and blog content.

Placing your articles in articles directories and guest posting for prominent sites are great strategies to uplevel you visibility and traffic getting power.

#5. Teleclasses/Teleseminars

Tele-classes like webinars are another crowd favorite. Telelclasses and teleseminars are performed in much the same way as webinars, but without the visual element. Using teleclasses and teleseminars to promote and grow an audience is a great strategy. Again, a twofold benefit here is being able to educate to sell.

These five assets offer the best opportunity to grow a highly responsive audience for building your online business. The key is to create a content strategy that keeps you in front of your audience and publishing relevant information for them to gobble up and crave.

What do you think? What are some other ways to use content to provide high value and ignite high return.

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