7 Types of Content Every Busy Entrepreneur Needs to Promote Your Signature Products and Services

How to Create Marketing Content to  Support Your Signature Products & Services

So, you’ve just launched a new product or service.


It doesn’t matter if it’s your first or fifth, you should break out the champagne and sushi and celebrate because it’s a huge accomplishment.

Now, the next thing you need to do is promote your offers to people who want and need it.

You’ve probably figured out that you need a sales page to advertise your new product or service, but what else do you need?  What other type of content can you create to support and attract buyers to your site?

Well, I’ve put together a list of …

#1 Follow Up/Nurturing Emails:

Create a list for both those prospects and customers. This will allow you to keep customers happy and referral ready while still helping prospects know, like and trust you enough to buy from you eventually.

  • Follow-Up Emails: Are emails that build rapport and trust with subscribers who have not purchased yet.
  • Nurturing Emails: Are emails designed for customers that help them use your product or service better, keep them  happy and inspire them to buy again and refer you.

#2 Blog Posts:

Create blog posts that answer questions your potential buyer wants and needs to know about your product or service. You can do this by going through each of your products and services and generating a list of 10 frequently asked questions. Be careful to be not get to salesy. Focus on the benefits.

For example: Say you are selling a new coaching program to help entrepreneurs create and launch their first successful information product. You might do an blog entitled “Failure to Launch? Top 5 Reasons You Can’t Get Your First Information Product Done and Making You Money”.

#3 Articles:

You may be asking “Kenya, What’s the difference between a blog post and an article”? I’m glad you asked!

Blog posts can definitely be articles. Articles are typically longer written pieces that include, examples analysis and research to communicate an idea. While blog posts can be written as an article, blog posts are generally shorter -anywhere from 150 to 250 words and take the form of tips, advice and spontaneous thoughts of the author.

Articles can provide a powerful way to promote your offerings. For example, you can become a guest contributor to highly trafficked authority sites. Provided your target audience is among the readers, this can provide a nice flow of ongoing qualified traffic to your site.

#4 Social Media Post:

Obviously social media is a great way to bring awareness to your offers. But, in keeping with the customer focused aspect of promotion, you need to create helpful content. A signature tip series is good way to drive people to relevant articles and get them to take action once there.

#5 Webinar/Teleseminar:

Webinars and Teleseminars are powerful ways to promote your info products and signature services. Partnering with other thought leaders and influences who have large followings can make this strategy especially effective. Make sure the person you partner with has an audience that has a need for what you offer. Just because you are good friends, doesn’t mean it’s worth your time.

#6 Video:

Anything visual is hot. Of course talking head and presentation style videos offer a great way to build rapport and get your products and services in front of a willing to buy audience. Google Hangouts have exploded on the scene as a great alternative to webinars and provides an interactive way to engage and deliver content.

#7 Affiliate Program:

Many entrepreneurs have affiliate programs but they don’t do a great job of making it easy for  affiliates to promote their offers. If you want to set up or improve your affiliate program check out My Affiliate Program Planner. Yes, people want to make extra money, but if they have to think too hard about how to promote it -they won’t.

What are some other types of content that have worked great for promoting your offer?

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