Kenya Halliburton

“Making creating content to market and manage your business
as easy as having a passionate conversation with a friend!”

Content Creation & Marketing Strategist

Kenya-Halliburton-Content Creation and Marketing Strategist

Q: What do you get when you give a talented former songwriter and choreographer a new dream to help entrepreneurs make money & meaning online?

A: A busy entrepreneur’s dream

As a former aspiring songwriter & choreographer, Kenya used to put stories to music and design crowd pleasing performances that rocked the stage. Today she’s helping busy entrepreneurs rock the web with crowd pleasing content that inspires their audience to know, love and buy from them.

Kenya Halliburton is the go-to-content creation & marketing expert for Solo entrepreneurs who hate or are too busy to write.

But, don’t let the tagline fool you, she’s not just another content creator.

Armed with the mission “to make creating content to market and manage your business as easy as having a passionate conversation with a friend”, she’s fiercely committed to relieving visionary entrepreneurs of the burden of trying to run their business and create the content to promote and manage it.

She’s combined her 7+ years of experience as a copywriter, online business manager and social media marketing expert (as well as her own personal & entrepreneurial hard knocks) into a highly creative & fun system for turning  phone or video conversations into a COMPLETE content marketing campaign that helps you create a web presence that packs a client-getting, profit-winning punch!

Her savvy in online business management, strategic content creation and social media marketing has won her nicknames like, ”The Busy Entrepreneur’s BFF”, Kenya 4G”, ‘The Entrepreneur’s Dream” and “The Clone”.

Since 2007, Kenya has been sought after for her creativity, innovative marketing savvy and proactive support by rising and rock star online thought leaders. Her clients include big and budding names in the online marketing game whose message and marketing is impacting lives worldwide.

Kenya’s signature content creation and marketing service, My Content Planner, features done-for-you support that provides you the triple benefit of mastering the management, marketing and messaging of your online business.

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Kenya and her three sons Cornelius III, Keylan and Kyree call the Rocket City, Huntsville, Alabama…home.


Unnecessary, But Fun Facts:

Since I work so closely with my clients to craft marketing content that fits their voice and vision, I think it’s only right you get a feel for my work style and personality to help you decide if working together would be a good fit.

I heart: Music, the TV series “Psych” and green olives ( not sure where this addiction came from-shoulder shrug)

I love what I do because: I love learning and meeting new people. I get a chance to see beyond the websites and Facebook pages to what’s in the heart of the business owner and help them to communicate that passion to the world.

Something people would be surprised to know about me is…I used to be an aspiring R&B songwriter and hip hop choreographer. Ahhh, those were the days… 🙂

People say I’m: Really easy to talk to… (Just repeating what I’ve been told, not bragging. 🙂 ) I love that people are able to let their hair down and be themselves around me.

  • I’m the wife of a Unites States Army Veteran and mother of three bouncing boys  (and boy do they bounce!)
  • I’m a creator.  As a former songwriter and choreographer it’s in my blood! That’s why I love Content Marketing because like dancing and songwriting, it allows me to take a bunch of unrelated elements and choreograph them into a compelling story.

That’s all I got for now…So, Click here to Tell me something about yourself