Behind the Scenes w/ Kenya: Lead Magnet Video Shoot Fun!

Video Creation Jam Session with Kenya Halliburton

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Don’t you love watching outtakes from your favorite movie or television show? I love watching them because for me it paints a story that humanizes the characters. I try to imagine how much fun they could be having.

“Do what you love and you’ll
never work another day in your life!”

How cool is it to have fun doing what you love?

The freedom of this famous quote, (I’m not sure who said this first, because I get a different person every time I Google it 🙁 ), manifesting in our lives has been a fascination of mine for years…

And, earlier this week, I had an opportunity to do what I love with one of my most favorite people Anita Kirkman a.k.a Coach Anita K.

Anita is a confidence catalyst and mentor for christian business women who are ready to create a life and business they love to wake up to!

She’s  preparing for a brand re-launch and I am so honored she asked me into her beautiful home to help her with her campaign.

I had a blast shooting part one of her Lead Magnet Video Jam Session. Lead magnet video shoot with Kenya Halliburton and Anita KirkmanBut, I’m sure you can tell that by looking at one of our action shots.

I believe when we embrace content creation as a natural part of expressing the love and passion we have for helping others, it makes it much more appealing and palatable.

I know a lot of times we hear about all this content we need to create to get people to get what we do and buy our stuff. It can all become overwhelming and, sometimes even a bit depressing.

But, as you can see when it comes to content creation, a little fun can go a long way.

What does it take to make a day like this happen?

It takes planning and commitment. It takes a lot to figure out what to wear, how to wear your hair and fight any butterflies that come with being in front of the camera.

But, at the end of the day, it’s all worth it to create your brand and get your voice out there and helping people.

Plus, I have a way of helping you relax and forget about all that other stuff and just have fun with it!

Lead Magnet Creation Video Shoot with Anita Kirkman

Two things I learned from our shoot.

1. Sometimes, technology does not always get along with you. Now, after website crashes and hacks, you’d think the element of shock and awe would have disappeared by now. But, alas I have some work to do. However, I must say that I make up for my optimism by being prepared with creative plan B’s.

2. You just never know when you’re client will say something that makes you laugh so hard you get a great ab work out!

We got it done! Well, almost. We have another session to wrap it up. But, if it was anything like this one, I think I might have to use one of our sessions and get Kenya Halliburton and Anita Kirman at a Lead Magnet Video Shootto work on my six pack. 🙂

I’ll share these with you and the resulting series, once we wrap.

If you are interested in one of my Content Creation Jam Sessions to get your marketing content done for your business, just shoot my team an email at

info@mycontentplanner dot com.

Until next post,

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