RockStar Spotlight Conversation: How to Publish an eBook that Builds Your Business and Brand! w/ Marie Cornelio

Marie Cornelio


How would you like to rock your stage with a book? Ahhh, I know you want to , but maybe what’s stopping you is the motivation and know

Today its easier than ever to become an author. And I know many of you may have even created an ebook as a free giveway to build your list. But today we are going to discuss the art of creating ebooks from the perspective of profit and building brand equity.

Now, this is a topic of particular interest to me, because one of my goals this year is to write and publish an ebook. So, I’m super excited. about our conversation with Marie.

You want to listen to this conversation if you:

  • You want to write and publish your own book or eBook and fear or lack of “know-how” has beeen stopping you in your tracks

Because, in this inspiring and informative 32 minute conversation, you’ll discover:

  • Why you should we write an eBook?
  • What is self-publishing?
  • Tips on how to get over the fear keeping your from writing your book
  • A resource for marketing your book
  • And more…

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Click Here to Listen to “How to Publish an eBook that Builds Your Business and Brand!”


Key Take Away:

1. The world needs you  so get your book out there and let your light shine!

2. You can use your book as a sales pitch for your product/service/platform.

3. For a FREE Marketing Guidebook for Authors visit 

Connect with Marie:


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RockStar Spotlight Conversation: Finding Your Money Mojo w/ Kevra Cherne


Kevra Cherne, Wealth and Money Mentor




Let’s get real , a huge part of Rocking Your Stage is being able to have, save and earn the money to do it.

“Show me the money” is a familiar meme that inspires excitement and enthusiasm around getting our just due for what we do. But, when you are building your business and platform online, “help me to keep and make money” is a more common chant.

Money. It’s what we all want and could use more of, yet for many women entrepreneurs we struggle when it comes to:

  • Charging what we’re worth and…
  • Managing our money effectively so that we can create a business and live a life we love…


So, how can we make our businesses Show us the money? Today, the spotlight is on Wealth & Money Mentor  RockStar Kevra Churney. She keeps it real, so you don’t want to miss her “Tell-it-like-it-“tis” insights!

You want to listen to this conversation if you:

  • Want to know more about how to manage your money effectively so that we can create a business and live a life you love

Because, in this inspiring and informative 32 minute conversation, you’ll discover:

  • How to “get real, get clear and make money now”
  • Common money mistakes that suck the life out of your business and what to do about it
  • Tips on how to package and price your offerings
  • The truth about overcoming the fear of money
  • The #1 thing every business should do to protect your deductions and liability at tax time. (Not doing this could cost you big come tax time)
  • And more…

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Click Here to Listen to “Finding Your Money Mojo”


Key Take Away:

1. Get Real:  There’s NO judgement. Strip away the drama and identify your starting point. Where you are…

2. Get Clear: Identify where you want to go. Be specific… Identify your goal and stay focused on it.

3. Make Money Now: Get into bold action action and make those goals happen now!

Connect with Kevra:


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RockStar Spotlight Conversation: The Power of Collaboration w/ Sherri Henley


Sherri Henley Interview

Rocking your stage is not and should not be a solo effort. In fact without the right help or partnerships, it can be difficult if not impossible to perform at your best and brightest.

In today’s conversation I’m shining the spotlight on RockStar Sherri Henley who will be sharing her insights with us based on her book The Power of Collaboration in Business.


You want to listen to this conversation if you:

  • Want to know more about how to collaborate and partner with other businesses (even competitors) to grow yours

Because, in this inspiring and informative 32 minute conversation, you’ll discover:

  • How to build a platform of collaboration for your business
  • The difference between “collaboration and other forms of partnership (i.e  bartering, joint ventures, etc…)
  • How to create accountability to ensure a successful collaborative partership
  • The keys to a successful collaborative partnership
  • And more…

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Click Here to Listen to “The Power of Collaboration”


Key Take Away:

“The person that cares the most about making the collaboration happen should be persistent in pursuing the relationship.” ~Sherri Henley

“Collaborate your weaknesses”.  ~ Sherri Henley

“The root of collaboration is giving…to give…we must trust…in order to trust…we must know…in order to know…we must connect…we must meet… in order to meet…we must SHOW UP!” ~Sherri Henley, An excerpt from The Power of Collaboration in Business

A case for building a platform of collaboration in your business:

“There’s strength in numbers. And when you bring everyone together fr the purpose of connecting, collaborating and exposure, it will enlarge your territory.” ~Sherri Henley

Connect with Sherri:


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RockStar Spotlight Conversation: Rock the Brand of You w/ Catrice Jackson

Catrice Jackson, The Boss Lady of Branding


Do you have stage fright?

Are you shrinking, hiding, playing small…stuffing yourself in little boxes, tucking your light away in ideas that ping, pong around in your head, playing hide and seek with your greatness?

Well, it’s time to UNLEASH the REAL you, show UP, SHINE – and Rock the Brand of You! ~ Catrice M. Jackson, The Boss Lady of Branding.

Branding is a topic I’ve explored quite a bit in this series and the reason is because so many entrepreneurs struggle to master it’s illuminating power.  But, I believe that getting clear on branding can cure stage fright can make marketing and growing your business soooo much easier and more enjoyable.

You want to listen to this conversation if you are:

  • Still confused about what branding is and what it means for your business
  • Ready (as Catrice puts it) to “stop worrying about what other people think, step into your spotlight and BAM! Do the damn thing!”
  • Create a brand people want to know, love and brag about

Because, in this inspiring and informative 32 minute conversation, you’ll discover:

  • Why branding is essential to your business
  • The Boss Lady of Branding’s definition of branding
  • How to effectively and confidently brand yourself  and find what Catrice calls, your “IT” Factor
  • How to kick bad habits and myths that tie up most entrepreneurs to the curb
  • And more…

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Click Here to Listen to “How to Rock the Brand of You”


Key Take Away:

Catrice’s definition of “Branding”: “Your Brand is an experiential relationship with your clients that’s deeply anchored in your core values that directly and tells what they can expect to experience every time they engage with you as a result of who you are, what you believe in, what you stand for and why you do what you do.”

Your brand is a relationship and experience with current and potential clients.

So ask yourself:

  • What kind of relationship are you building or do you want to build with your clients?
  • What’s the experience you promise to provide every time?

Connect with The Boss Lady Catrice…

“Let’s release your Irresistible Trademark so you can show up and shine” ~Catrice Jackson


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RockStar Spotlight Conversation: How to Do it Afraid & Step Out into Your Greatness


Rocking your stage can be scary at first. Even if you’re fine with grabbing the mic, maybe you’re feeling a little queasy about your foundation. Will the stage hold you? What if you trip? It could be any number of fears, real or imagined that can threaten your ability and willingness to take action.

As you know, no amount of marketing advice, gadgets or gizmos will help you if you are afraid to take bold and consistent action. And I find many times when people struggle with some area of marketing or content creation, their is some form of fear lurking beneath the surface.

So, in this RockStar conversation we’re high stepping over fear. My guest is Life Coaching RockStar Delphine Allen is going to share with us “How to “Do It Afraid & Step Out into Your Greatness”.


You want to listen to this conversation if you are:

  • Getting in your own way
  • Ready to clock into your purpose, but having trouble overcoming some fear
  • Ready to be more and give more of who you are to empower others to be their best
  • Struggling to overcome fear of success or fear of failure

Because, in this inspiring and informative 29 minute conversation, you’ll discover:

  • Why life coaching is a powerful option for stepping into the fullness of who we are and what you want
  • Key steps you can begin to take to move beyond fear and into the life you love
  • Some examples of how life coaching has transformed the lives of others (including my own)
  • How Delphine’s “Thought Tripling” method can help you find your way back to your most powerful self

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Click Here to Listen to “How to Do it Afraid & Step Out into Your Greatness” w/ Delphine Allen


Key Take Away:

I absolutely loves this key take away. Inspired by a strategy taught by her mentor Les Brown, Delphine uses her name to summarize her process for helping her and her clients “do it afraid”. Love, love love this, I’m going to try this, you should too!

  • D: Deliver your best
  • E: Expel doubt
  • L: Love yourself
  • P: Pursue passion
  • H: Harness your thoughts
  • I: Inspire yourself
  • N: Never give up
  • E: Expect to win

Connect with Delphine:


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RockStar Spotlight Conversation: How to Find Your Beat & Rock Your Stage with Crowd Pleasing Content

Shannon Hernandez - The Writing Whisperer

 So, if you feel like inside of you there’s a rock star just kicking and screaming for an opportunity to take the stage? Don’t worry you’re not in a scary movie. It’s your time to shine.

Are you ready to Go BIGGER and reach more people but trying to find your marketing voice & uniqueness is stopping you from spreading your message?

When you tweet, publish a Facebook, linked in or blog post, does it make a sound? If not, my guest and Word Ambassador Shannon Hernandez is going to help us figure out how to change that.

You want to listen to this conversation if you are:

  • Having trouble figuring out how to brand with words
  • Trying to figure out whether you should blog or not
  • Confused about how to bring more of you to your stage
  • Struggling to win prospects over with your messaging

Because, in this fun and informative 26 minute conversation, you’ll discover:

  • What role words and branding play in business
  • What are “brand words and how they can help you create crowd pleasing content
  • How words and branding build trust with your audience
  • How business owners stay authentic in their brand messages
  • Personal vs. business branding -defined
  • Why blogging is so critical to building your business

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Click Here to Listen to “How to Find Your Beat & Rock Your Stage with Crowd Pleasing Content” w/ Shannon Hernandez


Key Take Away:

Find the words that capture your brand.
Your words are what sell you.

Connect with Shannon:


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How to Create Your Automated Testimonial Getting System in 3 Easy Steps

How to Create Your Automated  Testimonial Getting System in 3 Easy Steps

Have you ever spoken with one of your clients or customers and gotten an earful of how amazing you are? Have you asked them to email you a testimonial or requested that they give you a linked -In recommendation only to find it never happens?

You probably already know the importance of featuring testimonials on your website.

Testimonials are an important part of your content mix. They can be used to provide proof and convince prospects to buy from you.

But, they can be hard to get if you don’t have a process that makes it easy.

People get busy and forget. So, the best way to make it easy to get testimonials for your products and services is to automate the process.

testimonial form

#1. Create a Testimonial Request Template

The best way to get a testimonial is to ask. But, having to write a request every time you get a customer can feel like a lot, especially if you’re super busy.

So, I recommend creating a standard template you can just copy and pop into an email to send to your client.

After you complete a project, simply send this email to your client. Here’s a template you can use:

“Hello [client’s name],

It was a pleasure working with you.

Your satisfaction is extremely important to me. Plus your feedback is valuable in helping to ensure we provide the best results possible.

So, if you would take a few moments of your time to give us feedback on your experience, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Simply complete this short form here; {insert link to your form}.

Thanks again!

Your Sign Off”


 #2. Create a Form Using Your Favorite Form Creation Tool

Now, you can easily have clients simply respond to your request by sending you their feedback via email. The problem with doing it this way is, you may get a “lazy” testimonial.  A lazy testimonial looks like, “Working with you was great!”.

That’s a warm and fuzzy compliment, but it really doesn’t communicate results. That’s what you’re going for. Feel free to use or tweak the questions I use on my testimonial form.

The best way to get a powerful testimonial is to have them answer a series of questions.

To create your form, you can use any form creation or auto-responder you have or check out the options below:


#3.Create a Thank You/Gift Page

testimonial-thanksAfter you create your email request and form, create a thank you page. Your thank you page can be as simple or complex as you like.

If you want to make it a sweet deal you can add a free gift as an incentive for them taking time to give their feedback.


One Last Thing…

After you’ve set this up you’ll have a repeatable system that takes seconds not minutes.

But, I would recommend after you get your testimonials creating a swipe file for storing them. Choose the best ones and archive them. If you have a virtual office, that would be the place to store them it. If you use Google Forms, it’s okay to just leave them there .

Select the most compelling testimonials and feature them on your website as proof you rock!
Kenya Halliburton

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Get This Done!

Kenya Halliburton helps busy entrepreneurs who hate to write create compelling content and install proven marketing systems that win clients and cash. To learn more about how to get the content marketing systems featured in this article set up in your business, visit .




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September Holidays & Observances to Create Awareness and Attract More Customers


Holidays & Observances to Make Marketing in September Memorable

Back to school and back to business. Vacations are wrapping up and now it’s time for the kids to hit the books and you to hit the ground running to finish the year strong.

Here are some themes to help you get back into the groove of communicating with your audience.


Monthly Observances

International Self-Awareness Month: septmeber-holiday-and-obs-pages

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you! How important is it for your target audience to know themselves? How does not being in touch with who they are affect their success? Tell them.
Shameless Promotion Month: 

Whoop whoop! Tell your audience it’s “Shameless Promotion Month”. Fire up your social networks and promote your stuff, encourage others to share what they have going on and to support others. It’s a great buzz and community building exercise.

National Immunization Awareness Month:

Of course it’s time for back to school which means immunization time for many children. If you are a health coach or consultant, give your expert opinion. Do you believe immunizations are a good or a bad thing? Why or why not? Share your expertise and opinion with your audience and encourage feedback.

Women’s Friendship Month:

That’s what friends are for! I have met some amazing women over the years. Give you friends in your personal life and in business a warm shout out. Feature a short note to each of them throughout the month. It’s just nice to do sometimes.

Weekly Observances

Here are some weekly themes that may inspire you…

  • Week 1-7 – Self-University Week
  • Week 15-21 – Balance Awareness Week
  • Week 15-21 –  Prostate Cancer Awareness Week
  • Week 15-21 – Build A Better Image Week

Daily Observances

Daily observations offer great inspiration for engaging social media content…

  • National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day: 1
  • Labor Day: 2
  • Be Late For Something Day: 5
  • National Lazy Mom’s Day: 6
  • Wonderful Weirdos Day: 9
  • American Business Women’s Day: 22
  • Dear Diary Day: 22
  • Family Health and Fitness Day USA: 25
  • Hug A Vegetarian Day: 27
  • National Women’s Health & Fitness Day: 29

These are just a few observances and suggestions for creating content, there are many more to inspire great content for your audience.

Grab my FREE Holiday and Observance Calendar to
get more ideas for February and the rest of the year!

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RockStar Spotlight Conversation: Part 2 – Creating a Rockable Brand w/ Branding Rockstar Kathy Bass

Rock Star Spotlight with KathyBass

Part 2: Building Your Brand – “The How”

If you haven’t listened to part one, you’ll want to do that before listening to this conversation because Kathy Bass, The Branding Lady  really set the stage by giving us the “Why” of branding.

Now let’s dig into the “How”.

You want to listen to this conversation if you are:

  • Having a “brand identity crisis” and need help stat
  • Wondering how and where to start crafting your brand image
  • Struggling to find the confidence to step out and rock your stage
  • Ready to crush ego and fear to become the “The CEO of YOU” to make money and meaning with your gifts


Because, in this fun and informative 44 minute conversation, you’ll discover:

  • The REAL definition of branding

  • The benefits of doing brand work

  • The top pitfalls and mistakes people make when trying to build their brand by themselves and how you can avoid them

  • What you should know before outsourcing your social media voice

  • How to scale down what you offer to make it easy to digest and buy from you

  • 3 things we can do today to start building a brand people know, love and buy

Kathy also shares the 5 keys to brand your self successfully from her book “Power up! Branding: 5 Steps to move you from having a brand to seeing results“.

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Click Here to Listen to Creating a Rockable Brand Part 2:
“The How of Branding” Now!


Key Take Away: Start Small, Think BIG and remember to Play!

Connect with Kathy:


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