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From the production studio of Kenya Halliburton:

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dear Brilliant Entrepreneur,

What’s sitting on your hard drive or in your brain ready to be unleashed?

  • Are you tired of learning about what to do in your business and that knowing gnawing at your ability to actually get it done?
  • Fed up with trying to get content the easy way only to have it sit on your hard-drive or wasting away on your blog, doing Business success onlinenothing to grow your business?

With all the bells and whistles and options to launch and grow an online business, it’s easy to get lost, confused and stuck in inaction.

You’ve got the…

  • Website, but no content
  • Ideas but no way to implement them
  • Resources, but no clarity on how to use them

Enough Already!

Save Time, Money, BOOST Your Business and Eliminate Overwhelm & Stuck-ness!Content Marketing Relief for Entrepreneurs Who Hate to Write

What good is content and marketing tools if you don’t know how to use it to gain influence, build your list or grow your business?

As an Online Business Manager and Content Marketing Strategist, I geek out on this online stuff. I have a passion and talent for choreographing all the moving pieces of an online business. And I want to help you shine online by helping you do more of what you love and less of the stuff you don’t.

There’s Nothing More Fun than Actually Getting Stuff Done!

My Done-for-YOU Content Creation & Marketing Jam Sessions offer the BEST way for you to create purpose driven content and install smart systems that work together to help you make the money and meaning you desire online…


All without getting stuck in the marketing mess in the middle….

Why? Because I help you get it done.

Kenya is truly a Virtual Genie!

She helped this Baby Boomer who is non-technical to set up a professional website, customize my Facebook page, get hooked up on Twitter, and even designed my business cards with a logo. She offered great value! Kenya was kind, patient, and was willing to use non-technical terms.”
Dr Shirley Garrett, Professional Speaker, Author, Coach, Consultant and founder of Positive Directions LLC

Who This is For?

Webpreneurs (i.e. Speakers, Authors, Coaches, Consultants Personality Entrepreneurs, etc…) Who:

  • Have all the marketing equipment but lack the tech skills to get it to work
  • Need compelling article and blog content but hate to or don’t have time write
  • Need a website and social media profiles set up fast and some content to attract people
  • Need to set up and create follow up prospect and customer email campaigns
  • Need to get clear on who they are and who they serve to market with confidence & consistency
  • Need a clear marketing and content plan that’s doable both solo and with a team
  • Has a bunch of unfinished products and ideas that need to be carried out
  • Is re-branding and needs some help

What Are Some Other Ways You Can Help Me?

  • Create and set up an affiliate marketing program for your products/services
  • Plan and create the next 90 days of blog & social media content
  • Create and set up a promotional website for your book
  • Create a 12 month marketing plan and content strategy
  • Get clear on who you are and who you serve and strategies to get them to buy from you
  • Automate your web-presence to make publishing and promoting your brand around the web hands free
  • Set up and plan an online radio show/podcast
  • Create a lead magnet/ opt-in offer for list building complete with landing page and follow up campaign
  • Get that information product done and ready for sale
  • Bring that cool “never-been-done-before”  idea you have to life

And whatever your brilliant mind has dreamed up but can’t get implemented.

The Time Saver, a Writers Best Friend!

“It was excellent!  I loved the services she offered and it makes sense for me. All my questions were answered and the service was professional. The process of how to get my brand out there was easier. My website was vastly improved and looks great. She made lots of suggestions for how to improve my look and brand. I’ve implemented many of her suggestions already and we are working on the next session. I can’t wait!”
Iyea Brandy, The Educator's Resource and New Teachers Ally! Founder of the The Educators Resource

How We’ll Work:

We will meet virtually via recorded teleconference, Google Hangout or Skype sessions (I’ll let you know which I recommend based on your project need).

And in the event we get into a fight with technology and technology wins, via teleconference and web conference meeting (either with or GoToMeeting).

Don’t worry, I’m a pro at making it work!

Ahem…But, How Much is This Going to Cost Me?

So, you’re probably expecting a crazy price tag, right? I mean where can you go and have some one set up a website, auto-responder and knock out content creation in less than half a day and it not at least start at $1997 ?

Well you won’t pay $1997 or even $997. (At least, not yet)

I did not want price to be an issue. So, I kept the pricing structure simple and affordable. Don’t wait though, because I will be increasing the rates soon.

You can choose from the following time slots:

  • A 2hour session for $397
  • A 3hour session for $457
  • A 4hour session for $697

We can work on WHATEVER you want during your time. Choose based on how much you want to knock out, or how much you have in your budget. It’s totally up to you.

So instead of buying a ticket to another conference or investing in another home study course that collects virtual dust on your hard-drive… bring what you know, what you got and let’s get stuff done!

How do I know what time slot to choose?

Basically, the time you choose will determine what project we give priority to and how much of it we can get done. The more time, the more we can accomplish.

For example if you just want to create an ebook, the 2hour session may yield enough time to create an outline and interview you for the ebook. If you choose the 4 hours we may be able to create the ebook, 3D and promotional graphics and set up a landing page/pay buttons.

What happens if we have more to do?

You will have a few options. After each session I will map out a checklist of exactly what resources you need and steps to take to complete your project.

You can take it and…

  • Implement the rest yourself
  • Set up another Jam Session to complete this project and start another
  • Enroll in one of my “Star” Web Presence development and management programs

I’ll walk you though which option is best for you and your goals.

Check Out Why Coach Anita K
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Professional Speaker, Coach and Owner of Vision In Purpose Coaching and Training

Apply for your Content Creation + Marketing Jam Session
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There are people in the world that need your help and you’re not helping anybody if nobody knows you exist.

Are You Ready to Jam?

Yes Kenya, I’m Ready to Rock-n-Roll with My
Private Content Creation + Marketing Jam Session

I understand that we will be working on a  marketing project of my choice. I also understand that how much we get done during my session depends on how many  hours I choose below. I acknowledge that in the event we don’t complete the entire project during our time, I will be provided with a checklist  to complete it on my own, purchase another Jam Session or some other option you recommend.

Step 1: Check availability for the next available Jam Session and book it…


Step 2: Purchase your Jam Session…

Choose an Hourly Package

Step 3: After you purchase, you’ll be redirected to an application form. Complete it and check your email for additional details and next steps.

Got More Questions?

Will we be working for 2 – 4 hours straight?

Yes and no. We’ll take breaks as needed. Bathroom breaks may be needed. But the goal is to get stuff done. We may also need to take work/play breaks. For example, if I’m working on setting up your website, I may give you an assignment to help us when we get to filling it with content. Or, the workload may fall on me totally and you get to go play. 🙂 Sweet, right?

What will I be responsible for?

Every business is different and will have different things they’re working on. In the application, you’ll outline your strengths and weaknesses and what you enjoy or don’t like to do. I’ll use this information to determine the flow of your session.