Content Mastery: How to Conquer Your Marketing and Master Your Content Without Losing Your Mind

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Content Marketing is THE best way to ensure long term, high earning online success. Its concepts and strategies, however, are not for the faint of heart.

Still, it is important to understand and embrace if you want to master your content and conquer your marketing to position yourself above the noise. 

Many webpreneurs have become addicted to the “me too” marketing mindset. Instead of using information to feed our own vision, we look for others to define it for us. Suddenly, you don’t know what business you’re in anymore and making bad investments of your precious time and hard earned money that yield little or no return.

Here are a few ways you can tell if broken marketing mindsets are sucking the profit winning potential from your online business…

  • You post consistently for a while on Facebook, Linked-In and Twitter before getting burned out and running out of things to talk about.
  • You have the discipline to produce and publish about four YouTube videos and stop doing that too.
  • You invest in that Gurus‘s premium coaching program and learn some amazing marketing strategies that you can’t implement because you can’t get past the content and technology.

 Content can be to solo entrepreneurs what kryptonite is to superman. The content creation and marketing demands of managing a high earning online business (whether you are one or aspire to be) can be a mind numbing feat.

So, I want to offer you 5 high value mindsets to feed the content & marketing demands of your business without going nuts!

  1. Evaluate Where You Are, Then Do Something About It. Take inventory of the things that have and have not worked. It’s important to identify what habits or strategies are keeping you stuck. Replace old habits and outdated strategies with bold action and innovation.
  2. Take Time to Plan. The biggest mistake most webpreneurs make is not planning. Take time to think about why you are in business, what you want to stand for and how you want to make it happen. Knowing your business intimately will protect you from being swept away by fly-by-night trends and distracting shiny objects.
  3. Stop Buying Stuff. Worse than not making money is spending what you have, not using it and buying more stuff to collect dust on your hard drive.  I learned this lesson the hard way. Commit to going through completing and implementing the things you’ve already invested in before buying something else.
  4. Practice Imperfect Progress. Take action even if things are not perfect. There are a whole lot of people making money without a perfect website, social media presence.etc. Keep moving forward, make the mistakes, learn from them and get better. Thing change too quickly for you to get stuck in perfection mode.
  5. Don’t Be Stingy. Look for ways to give more of yourself. There is no way you can download everything you know in one tweet, one video, one ebook or email. The more you give the more you gain.

If you noticed, I did not give you more marketing stuff to swirl around in your brilliant head. And, that’s because success is about mastering the basics. If your foundation has cracks, there is nothing secure to build on. Start practicing these 5 principles and you will be able to conquer your marketing and master your content without losing your mind or your dream.

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