How to Step Boldly Into Your Greatness and Inspire Your Target Audience to Do the Same

You don’t have to dumb it down, Make them think up! ~ Pastor Paula White

In 2008, our country was inspired to “Think Up” and elected our first African American President and first family. And, now we’ve done it twice!

How powerful, right?

History has shown that just because a message or concept isn’t popular or easily understood, doesn’t mean it can’t be successful.

The greatest successes and innovations were made possible because someone challenged us to Think Up and boldly call us to see what was possible versus staying in an unfruitful place.

Think Up and Over Obstacles and Objections

When I first discovered the gap most solo entrepreneurs  were experiencing could be filled with quality content strategy and implementation, I got excited and began to tell everyone closest to me. Friends, clients, and family…I geeked out on content and I believed that this was the key to success so strongly that I had to tell the world.

I thought my business friends, especially, would be happy to know that there was now a way to get unstuck and move their business forward in a predictable and profitable way…

But, much to my surprise, I was met with resistance and advice like “Yeah, but do people really know what “Content Marketing” is”? Do people really search for content marketing? blah, blah, splee, splee…

My answer? (Because I’m a glass half full kind of gal…)

Who searched for virtual assistance, online business manager, magnetic marketing or any other term or concept that has gained mass awareness and helped people build better lives and businesses?

Now, I could have let that take the wind out of my sails, but I believed so strongly that content marketing was a powerful movement that could boost businesses, that I did what I often do…ignore them :).

Sometimes, You Just Have to Trust Yourself

I’ve seen some of the most brilliant entrepreneurs get coached or advised out of their vision. They flounder around trying to do “it” like their told, but that fire inside them never dies and they are frustrated, unprofitable and tempted to break out the resume and call it quits.

You have to believe in yourself and in your audience’s ability to think themselves out of their pain and into actively pursuing your guidance for the right solutions.

If you want to keep your audience where they are, talk down to them. But, if you want to smarten them up and take them from where they are to living their full potential, make them think up! Many people are not showing up because no one is challenging them to step out of fear into action. Even if they don’t immediately jump into action. Be the one to plant the seed that will someday blossom into the success they are seeking.

Thinking Up, Starts with You

Here are some simple mindset shifts meant to inspire you to step out and educate, entertain and inspire your audience to break out of their cage of conformity and step into their greatness…

Don’t be afraid to be the first.

Don’t  wait for someone else to take your idea and carve out the path. Having the first mover’s advantage is full of benefits.

  • You can establish yourself as the founding  thought leader
  • You can become the go-to-expert in your area of specialty
  • You can create the industry standard and become unbeatable to your competitors

Don’t mute your message just because people don’t get it.

Or are resistant to your idea. Seth Godin’s  book “Permission Marketing”, challenged the practice of interruption marketing. It has become the theory that drives marketing of the social web.  What if he had not put forth this mindset shift? How many businesses would have died simply because he decided to believe the lie that if people’s minds can’t conceive it, the idea can’t be successful?

Make them smarter.

I am of the opinion people should feel smarter after they experience your content than they were before they found you. If you are establishing yourself in an area where you are fighting broken mindsets, be the one to show them how much better their life would be if they adopted a new way of thinking.

Just enough is not enough.

Know that simply posting information is no longer good enough. If you are not educating, entertaining or providing phenomenal value, you are not doing enough.

Givers Gain and the stingy stay stuck.

That old argument of hooking a customer on fluff for fear of not “giving away too much” is what has most entrepreneurs stuck. Today’s social web has become about being generous in providing valuable information to help people make a buying decision. Trust me, if you skimp on providing them with what they are looking for, they’ll just type it into Google and find it from someone else. Look for ways to add mind blowing value first. If you do, they’ll come back for more.

Don’t cage yourself into some invisible rule that keeps you from showing up as your truest and most powerful self! Your life, business and reputation will be better for it.

 What are some unique ways you use to step boldly into your greatness and inspire your audience to do the same?

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