How to Use an Editorial Calendar to Boost Your Online Marketing Effectiveness

The best way to create sticky content marketing is to create an Editorial Calendar for your online business. From Wikipedia:

An editorial calendar is used by bloggers, publishers, businesses, and groups to control publication of content across different media, for example, newspapermagazineblog, email newsletters, and social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook fan pages. They are an extremely efficient way to control publication of content across diverse media outlets over time.

 How can an Editorial Calender help make make marketing your business easier?

Most webpreneurs have a last minute marketing habit which keeps them spinning in reactionary marketing mode and playing the “pick-me” game with their target audience. Bad idea. There are so many other businesses out there marketing louder and more often, you just become part of the noise and thus, you get ignored. An Editorial Calender can be used to plan out the production of your marketing content, so that you can get ahead of your marketing versus chasing behind it.

How You Can Use an Editorial Calendar in Your Online Business.

So, there are a number of ways and reasons to use an editorial calendar in your business. You can use one to…

  • Plan topics for your podcast and interviews
  • Plan topics for your blog posts and articles
  • Plan topics for your eNewsletters
  • Plan topics for a video series
  • Plan content for an eMagazine
And on and on…

How to Create an Editorial Calendar for your online business.

Step #1. Start Small. Don’t try to plan all of your content at once. Content Marketing is about consitency. If you try to do too much at once you risk getting burned out and falling off your plan. Instead, create a calendar for one piece of content at a time. For example, you can create an editorial calendar for your blog/articles. Step #2: Use a three to twelve month calendar to layout your content. If you are new to this, I would begin mapping out content in 3 month batches. It’s less overwhelming. Step #3: Select a Monthly ThemeUse  a yearly observance calendar to keep pre-planned and pre-created content fresh and relevant. Ehow does this to help their writers create fresh relevant content for their site.

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An even more advanced approach would be to add specific product/service launch campaigns to coincide with different holidays. A great example of this would look like creating a “Christmas in July” giveaway as a lead up to your new book release.  You can use holidays and observances to engage your audience and guide them toward your offerings.

Step #4: Brainstorm and Outline topics.

Once you’ve identified which holiday’s observances and offerings you want to highlight each month, create topics to support your campaigns. If you are setting up blog/articles, start brainstorming great topics to write about and simply place the titles in your calendar.

Step #5: Finally, produce all of your content for the first 3 months.

Or if that freaks you out , try the first month. This means write all of content for the topics you outlined for month one ahead of time. Pre-schedule them, then start on the next batch  of articles.  This way you are ahead and if some life event gets in the way of your ability to create content. You have some padding and your audience is still getting what they need from you.

As you can, having an editorial calendar in place to plan and create content makes the process much easier and less stressful. However, it does require some commitment and discipline.  Just keep in mind that the pay off – creating a business that makes money and meaning- is well worth the effort.

Here’s a sample My Content Planner Editorial Calendar.

How Could You Use an Editorial Calendar in Your Business?

Let us know how you think an editorial calendar can help you get shine online. And if you are already using one, we’d love to know how it’s helped improve your content publishing and marketing process. Join the conversation by leaving a Facebook Comment below.

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