May Holidays & Observances to Create Awareness and Attract More Customers

May Holidays and Observances for Your Business

Holidays & Observances to Make Marketing in May Memorable

April showers bring May flowers and if you live anywhere in the Tennessee Valley as I do, it also brings allergies along with it.

May is here. Spring is in full bloom . So, what can you talk about this month in your marketing to make more memorable and engaging?

Let’s see, shall we…

Here are a few of my favorite monthly observances…

Monthly Observances

International Business Image Improvement Month

All my brand evangelists, business and marketing coaches charged with helping business look good and make money, this theme could inspire all kinds of creative content.

Here are a few examples to get your juices flowing…

  • How can I improve my brand image across the web?
  • Head Shots. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Yesses!
  • Launch a “Brand Image Makeover Contest”
  • # Steps to Creating an Irresistible Brand Image

Feel free to use any of the above titles if they inspire you or come up with your own.

National Salad Month

Does your business advocate healthy living? Maybe you can feature a healthy recipe each week featuring a delicious yet healthy way to eat salad. By the way it’s also National Hamburger Month, sooooo that’s what you’re up against. You might want to throw in an article or video tip about why hamburgers can be bad for your health.

National Photo Month

What’s up to my photographer friends! Yes, I know you have more to say than come take a picture. It’s also National Smile Month. You could create an article discussing the beauty of a smile.

  • Are there different types of smiles that can be used when taking pictures?
  • Can you take pictures of different types and use them in your article to illustrate your point?
  • Create a contest and encourage people to submit their best smile, reward them with a free session or some kind of discount.

Personal History Month

We celebrate a lot of different histories, Women’s History, African American History, American History…

Why not our Personal History? This could be an interesting topic for life and empowerment coaches. But, anyone can really use this theme. Why? because people love stories and this is an opportunity to tell them yours.

  • Share your personal story in a blog, video or have someone interview you. What obstacles have you overcome? What’s something people would be surprised to know about you?
  • Interview someone else you admire on their personal history. Why is it important for people to know their story?
  • Challenge your community to write and share their personal history. Of course, you can turn this into a fun contest.

Weekly Observances

Here are some weekly themes that may inspire you…

  • Week 5-11 – National Family Week
  • Week 12-18 National Women’s Health Week
  • Week 12-18 Salute to Moms 35+ Week
  • Week 20-26 International Coaching Week

Daily Observances

Daily observations offer great inspiration for engaging social media content…

  • May Day: 1
  • Executive Coaching Day: 1
  • New Homeowner’s Day: 1
  • Military Spouse Appreciation Day: 6
  • National Chocolate Chip Day: 15
  • What You Think Upon Grows  Day:31

These are just a few observances and suggestions for creating content, there are many more to inspire great content for your audience.

Grab my FREE Holiday and Observance Calendar to
get more ideas for February and the rest of the year!

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