Quick 5 Step Guide for Creating Compelling Content for Your Blog

Do you know how to create compelling content for your blog?

A compelling blog post gets read,commented on, shared, printed and linked to. How many of those are happening with the content you post to your blog?

If it’s not you’re leaving a huge opportunity to increase traffic, build your list and convert new clients on the table.

If you want your blogging efforts to help attract quality leads, you need to create high quality content. Great blog content hits three key areas search + social + targeted/relevant content.

But, for many entrepreneurs, creating compelling content for your blog can feel like a mind numbing feat. Use this quick guide to make blogging for business easier.


Step 1: Creating Compelling Blog Content Begins with Knowing the Informational Needs of Your Audience

The key to creating compelling content for your blog is knowing what your target customer wants. That is what are they seeking help with? Do they want to be entertained? Do they want to learn how to do something? Are they looking to make a purchase? Identify one problem to solve, then create content around it.

Step 2: Identify Keywords or Phrases Your Audience Uses to Search for Answers to Their Problem

Once you have an understanding of a key challenge you want to shed light on, now it’s time to identify what language your audience uses to when searching for solutions to their problem. The best blog content not only provides the most relevant answer to the questions your audience is searching for, it also includes keywords and phrases they plug into the search engines.

For help finding the right keywords, I recommend trying any of the following:

  • Google’s free keyword tool is a great start.
  • Blogs, forums or social media conversations of your target audience
  • Premium content optimization solutions like, Market Samauri and Scribe

Step 3: Use Good Structure

A compelling blog article has a beginning middle and an end. Now, if you are just trying to get in the rhythm, don’t let these logistics stop you. Just aim to incorporate each of these points into your process until you get better. Think of it like writing an essay…

  • Introduction: Introduce your topic. Explain the the pros and cons that can happen as a result of taking action (or not) on your advice.
  • Main Body: Flesh out your topic and help your reader understand it better.
  • Conclusion: Summarize article and key take aways.

 Step 4: Create a Call to Action for Each Blog Post

Call to Actions (CTAs) make creating compelling content for your blog a win win for both you and your readers. The content is for your readers. But, the  CTA is for you. Opt-In Skin makes it easy to add sleek opt-in forms to your blog to convert your readers into subscribers. According to an article written by Mark Sherbin, there are three types of call to actions you can use.

  1. Asking for the sale ( increasing sales)
  2. Capturing the lead (building your list)
  3. Nurturing the relationship ( asking a question, asking for feedback – building social capital)

Step 5: Create a Compelling Headline

Your headline is the gateway to getting your content read. If your headline sucks, people will ignore it and move on. I love this copy blogger post that provides a fool-proof formula for creating compelling content. You should also grab a copy of my Headline Blueprint to make creating irresistible headlines copy and paste easy.

Creating compelling content for your blog takes a little rolling up of the sleeves. But, at the end of the day, if you know your content is good, you market with confidence. When you have confidence in your content, you promote your content better. When you promote your content better, more people see you. And when more people see you, they know, like and trust you more. And when they know like and trust you more, they happily try, buy and refer you!


Do You Have Any More Tips for Creating Compelling Content for Your Blog?

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