Rock Their World: 7 Ways to Wow Your Prospects & Customers with Your Marketing Content


Oh My Gooodness! I recently caught a rerun of one of my favorite shows growing up, the sketch comedy show “In Living Color”.  It didn’t disappoint. Jamie Fox’s hilarious character Wanda always had me rolling on the floor laughing with her “I’ll rock your world” line.

Although, I am sure no one wanted Wanda to “rock their world”. With the economy all wacky, people are not spending as freely as before. Which means they need something to convince them to hit the buy button.  Rocking the world of your prospects and customers could do wonders for your online presence and bottom-line.

So, here are 7 ways you can use your content to woo your audience into becoming enamored clients:

1. Give em’ Something They Can Feel. Get physical. Now that everything is “online”. It’s exciting to get things in the mail you can hold. Consider creating some tangible items to send prospects to make a favorable impression. Consider creating a marketing kit, sending a booklet, branded bookmarks or some other keepsake that gives your audience/customers something to keep you in the front of their minds.

2. Shower em’ with Some Love. Look to create opportunities in your business to thank your customers/prospects by highlighting them for their support. Get creative and be generous.  Consider a using an eNewsletter spotlight, blog feature, complimentary interview, free social media exposure, free limited time promotion, etc…

3.  Show them it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Make being and insider an irresistible deal. Consider creating levels that allow prospects an exclusive look at the benefits of doing business with you. Keep current clients happy by giving them first dibs or sweet savings on future products/services.

4. Make them Laugh. There’s no better way to connect with people than through laughter. With all the stuff happening in the world using humor to increase the appeal of your offering is a natural deal sweetener. Again, be creative.

5. Roll out the red carpet. Create an internal process in your business designed to make new customers feel like rock stars. They’re giving you their money, so why not invest some time and gratitude by rolling out the red carpet. Some ideas might be to create a complimentary gift basket, gift a book, discounted services, branded portable media player with exclusive training materials. You’ll have a happy walking billboard and a loyal customer for life! After all, who doesn’t like gifts?

6.  Listen & make them feel important. As a woman, having someone listen to us is like breathing. Let your audience know you are paying attention. One of the most important things you can do is find ways to get prospects to talk about their challenges in their own words. The feedback is invaluable when it comes to creating products and services that are the perfect fit for wants and needs. Consider reading what they read, joining their forums or asking for direct feedback with emails or setting up a site specifically for this purpose ( try using Other options may be listening with Twitter, Facebook or Google Alerts.

7. Keep it Fresh. There is nothing appealing about boring marketing emails, blogs and messaging that puts people to sleep. In this market, you can’t afford to blend in and play it safe! No one will pay attention. Mix things up by incorporating new ideas, messaging and technologies to help you stand out in the eyes and ears of your target audience.

If you want to be successful in today’s over-saturated online marketing place, you have to find ways to stand out. Use these tips as a starting point to craft a unique selling position that puts you head and shoulders above the crowd!

 What are some ways you can make your audience excited to learn and buy from you?

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