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Ann is a newbie to online marketing. She’s a great writer and speaker. She knows her stuff. But, when it comes to navigating the nooks and crannies of online marketing her head feels like it’s gonna explode. She’s built a website with one of those “free” site builders, but it just doesn’t project the professionalism she wants and needs. She wants to build a powerful online presence and needs the works! But, she hasn’t a clue where to start.



Brilliant and bright in her own right. She’s a brilliant speaker and mentor bursting with ideas, a powerful story, something to say and a passion and talent for helping others live their best life. She’s been in business for three years or more and has been moderately successful, given the fact that her market is over-saturated. Her offline networking is supplying clients. But, she wants to beef up her passive income with information products and improve her ability to attract clients with her online presence.

She knows what to do, she just doesn’t have the time to do it. She hates writing, so her blogging is inconsistent. She has a list but doesn’t keep in touch very often. She’s tried investing in PLR and blog writing services, but has been disappointed in the quality. She knows she needs better content and is ready to get it!

  • She needs to sign up for the “6 Figure Content+Marketing Formula Kit” to break bad content marketing habits before they start and learn content creation strategies to stand out online
  • She needs Content Creation & Marketing Jam Sessions  to get unstuck and move forward faster
  • She may need a Content Creation & Marketing VIP Day: Get a full day with Kenya, jam packed with targeted content marketing strategy and live content creation goodness, followed by 6 months of  done-for-you implementation.
  • She may need to enroll in the self-paced, budget-friendly Content Creation & Marketing Bootcamp to launch or re-launch a total web presence that wins clients and cash fast (coming soon)



Call her a guru, expert or just at the top of her game! She’s a successful and influential figure online and off. She’s built a six figure + online empire helping her clients live, work and be better. She’s a prolific writer and typically does it all herself. But, she’s looking to free herself from her writing to take advantage of other opportunities. But, she’s very particular about her brand voice, so PLR and blog writing services just won’t do.

  • She needs a Content Creation & Marketing Assistant on an ongoing basis to create content that supports her signature products and core training programs – A virtual clone she can trust to craft compelling content in her brand voice.

The Application for Content Creation and Marketing Assistance
is On it’s Way…

Until then, if your interested, please email me so we can coordinate a 20 minute chat to
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