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#1 Content Idea Blueprint

Don’t know what to write about? Find endless ideas and topics for all your content creation.

  • How to package your content
  • Sources for your ideas and plenty of idea starters.
  • Also includes content planning tips, so you can readily and continually publish great content on an ongoing basis.

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#2 Sell More w/ Words Blueprint

This blueprint makes it copy-and-paste easy to sell more of your product. Includes copy-paste and customize headlines, power words and phrases, making it a snap to get more out of your copy. Click here to learn more and get your Sell More with Words Blueprint.

#3 Byline Blueprint

Ideas, tips and templates for your bylines. You get plenty of ideas of what to offer in your byline, plus copy-paste and ready-to-customize bylines that are sure to get attention and inspire a click. Click here to learn more about the credibility boosters too – they’re priceless. 

#4 PLR Blueprint

If you’re tired of unused PLR, this is key no more unused PLR on your hard drive. Practical tips and tool suggestions for using all your PLR content and for maximum benefit.

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#5 Headline Blueprint

You’ve only got a few seconds to get your visitors attention, so grab them with a great headline. You’ll find headline tips, plus copy-and-paste ready-to-customize headlines. Whether you’re writing article/blog post titles, email subject lines or sales copy headlines, this blueprint will come in handy.

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#6 Target Market USP Blueprint

Practical tips and a workbook to reach the people who want to buy your products. Make more money from your online business without the need for tons of traffic. All you need is a targeted, engaged and faithful audience that likes to spend money.

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#7 Opener Blueprint

After you’ve put together you’re headline, you still need to keep their attention. Make an impact with these opening ideas and resources. Includes:

  • 8 easy-to-use opener ideas
  • 39 opening phrases to make an impression and more
  • Also includes a handy bank of quotation and statistical resources to create even more interest and credibility for your writing

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#8 Link Building Blueprint

44 easy-to-follow and practical ideas for building links to your website. Get more exposure, better search engine rankings and improve your online reputation.

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