You Only Get One Chance for A Click:
Get Your Byline Right the First Time with Your Essential Byline Blueprint

So you’ve been or are planning to distribute your articles on the web. You’ve been told that publishers will take your content, put on their sites in return for a byline that promotes and links to your business.

And it’s absolutely true!

But the thing is – you’ve got to craft your byline – and your content – so that it inspires a very interested and targeted click by the reader.

The Byline Blueprint shows you just how to do that with on-target tips, templates and suggestions.

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In this Quick-Reference 13-Page Blueprint You’ll Discover:

  • What to say before your byline and suggestions to make the most of your content distribution efforts
  • 5 important approaches to consider, so that your reader has almost no other choice but to click
  • 7 essential byline tips – to increase your chances of having the reader follow your call-to-action
  • 15 ideas of what to offer in your byline – from a newsletter subscription to a software download and everything in between
  • 13 byline templates – Simply fill in the blanks and go or use them a starting point for your own unique byline
  • 11 sample Byline Credibility Boosters to help your expertise shine in your bylines
  • When to use “Alternative to Bylines” and 16 quick templates to use. Sometimes this alternative is much more powerful than the traditional byline.
  • A list of keyword tools to help you with the search engine optimization aspect of your bylines.

That’s a total of 40 samples/templates, plus plenty of tips to make effective content creation simpler.

It’s time to stop struggling to put your bylines together…and start getting clicks.

Get it now, for $12.00 – a small price to pay for a guide you’ll refer to over and over again… allowing you to get more clicks from your content.

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