StorySelling: How to Market Your Products & Services with Stories

How to Create Content to Market Your Products and Services

How to Create Marketing Content to  Support Your Signature Products & Services

Have you noticed it’s hard to get people to pay attention to your marketing?

I mean, these days it’s virtually impossible to pay your target audience to pay attention to you much less buy from you.

But, there is a proven way to get people to pay attention to your marketing…

If you want to get people to pay attention to what you have to say and sell, tell them a story.

“Once Upon a Time” and “Happily Ever After” Isn’t Just for Fairy Tales…

Once upon a time ...

Once upon a time … (Photo credit: UNE Photos)

People love stories. Stories keep people reading, watching or listening to see what’s going to happen next.

That’s why we love a movies and books. And just like the books and movies, a good marketing story has a plot, characters, and movement toward a climax.

The Anatomy of a Good Story

If you look at almost any story, you’ll see a common structure. This structure consists of three S’s:

  • Setting: Provides the background for the story or where the story takes place
  • Situation: In marketing the challenge is the pain or frustration they must overcome. This is what your product solves for them
  • Solution: The solution is the happy ending where their problem gets solved

 Four Types of Stories to Help Sell Your Stuff

 #1 Personal Stories

Every product or service has a personal story behind it. And personal stories are a great way to sell products and services. A personal story helps to build intimacy. It breaks down the wall that separates you from your reader.

 Share your personal stories about how you struggled with the same problem your reader has and how you figured out the solution.

Allow people to see themselves using your product through your story. And, the cool thing about personal stories is they are easy to write because they are completely true. No word doctoring necessary.

#2 Expert Stories

 A different spin on the personal story is one in which you didn’t solve the problem yourself, but met an expert who helped you solve the problem. The story is the same, but in this case you’re passing on the expert’s own story and their knowledge rather than your own. This type of story is particularly effective because of the air of mystery surrounding the expert. The expert may be inaccessible to your audience, but you’re not.

For an even more engaging approach, you can actually introduce your prospects to the expert and let them tell their story themselves. This approach is particularly effective via webinars or teleseminars.

#3 Stories of History & Culture

Reframing your story within a historical or cultural context can give your product or service a natural boost of credibility.

Fiji, Naviti IslandYou’ll see this lot in natural health products that are based on native traditional medicine. For example, the setting of a well of water confined by an active volcano thousands of years ago on the island of FIJI helps to explain to the customer where it’s coming from and why they should try it.

The story of the product’s quality provides a compelling story for buying. You’re not just buying bottled water; you’re buying an exclusive natural resource.

#4 Your Story as a Marketer

In addition to the story of your products, it also helps to have a story about yourself and what you do. Celebrity-like web brands with strong followings always have a good back story. A few common Internet marketing stories include the single mother who built an online business while raising her kids; the slacker or surfer who never achieved anything much in life but discovered an easy way to make money online; the stressed executive who leaves the rat race to make real change in the world. Just remember, your story needs to be real in order to be effective. Don’t make up a common sob story just to appeal to your prospects’ feelings.

Find, Embrace and Tell Your Story

When we’re blogging for business it’s easy to leave our stories out. Especially when we’re always hearing how the

John Steinbeck on Story telling...

John Steinbeck on Story telling… (Photo credit: Jill Clardy)

customer doesn’t care about us. But, stories are about sharing parts of ourselves and our brand that people can connect and identify with.

They show our visitors that we’re human and understand their wants and needs. Start by looking at the obstacles you sought to overcome and how you did it. And create a “Happily Ever After” for your business!


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