The Perfect Way to Kick Off the Month of Love…

I love the month of February, because it’s so full of just that.

So, when my friend Author Marie Cornelio shared with me she was launching her amazing { Love Is) Books Series today, I was like YEAHHH!

Marie has put together a plethora of lovely quotes about kindness, Faith, Joy and Hope meant to inspire, elevate and bring out that beautiful light that is within each of us.

This little pocket-sized book of daily inspiration is the perfect way to start your day or end your evening. Carry it around with you for times when you need that extra burst of encouragement.

It makes the perfect gift for those you love. Including you.

Just click on this link to order your copies TODAY!

Feel the love, share the love, spread some love this month and everyday of your life!

Have a grrreat week!

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