Top 7 Ways to Promote Your Signature Information Products and Services

How to Create Marketing Content to  Support Your Signature Products & Services

Promote Your Signature Information Products and Services Like a Boss…

You can blog til’ your heart’s content, shoot YouTube videos and create pretty Pinterest boards. But, if none of it is resulting in sales, it mean nothing.

That’s not “Boss-like”.

It’s just a waste of time and energy.

Yes, it is true that Content Marketing is an awesome strategy to have working in your business. But, if you’re not careful, you can find yourself making it wayyyy too hard on yourself.

There are two things that can keep you from making sales with your content:

  1. You are not engaged in creating content to promote your signature information products and services
  2. You are engaged in the wrong type of content to promote your signature information products and services

Both of these actions or in-actions cause frustration and paralyzing stuck-ness.

The Truth About Content Marketing for Solo-Entrepreneurs

Just because you blog everyday, does not mean you’ll get traffic. You have to be proactive with unlocking a flow of ready to buy traffic to your site.

You don’t have to blog everyday or even three times per week to benefit from content marketing.

You don’t need a ton of content, you just need to make smart decisions about what type of content will give you the most return on your time and efforts.

Content Marketing is about guiding your prospects from awareness to taking buying action-by educating them along the way.

There are certain kinds of content that yield a higher return and are better for quickly converting prospects into clients with information.

Here are the top 7 ways you can create content to promote your signature products and services without exhausting yourself and your resources:

#1). Teleseminars: Teleseminars are what I call a high-value content marketing asset. It’s among the most popular content formats among coaches and consultants. The technology is less intimidating than webinars and it’s great for re-purposing.


Tumbleweed (Photo credit: VancityAllie)

Tip: To avoid the virtual tumbleweed effect, know where your target audience hangs out and promote your teleclass on those platforms. But, make sure you don’t just post when you want someone to attend your stuff. Build time into your schedule to support what other influencers and potential clients have going on to leverage the law of reciprocity.

Webinars: Webinars are teleseminars with pictures. The technology can be a bit intimidating, but they work fantastically for converting sales. These are also very popular marketing vehicles for Joint Venture Partnerships – which I discuss later.

Guest Posting: Becoming a guest contributor to other highly trafficked sites that serve your audience is a great way to get in front of customers. Not only that, it’s a great strategy for building relationships with other influencers and thought leaders. These relationships can quickly lead to mutually profitable joint venture or affiliate relationships.

Article Marketing: Writing and publishing articles on popular article directories is another highly effective way to reach new prospects and convert them into paying customers. Articles, like guest blogging, help you to build influence and credibility. It puts you in front of audiences that would otherwise not find you. It also provides valuable links back to your website (something that Google loves and can help your website increase in rank). All this translates into more traffic for Top 7 Ways to Promote Your Signature Coaching Information Products and Servicesyou.

Press Release: Press Releases are great are the black sheep of marketing for solo-entrepreneurs. They’re under utilized but are rich in benefits, both for visibility and well as link juice. They may even result in media attention if you can find a newsworthy angle.

Affiliate Promotion: Affiliate programs leveraged business partnerships. They are great for extending the reach of your products and services to people you would otherwise not be able to reach with your marketing efforts. Other businesses as well as your own customers can become referral partners to increase your sales faster that you ever could alone.

To make your affiliate program successful, you’ll need to make marketing content (i.e. banners, links, ads, social media content, blog posts…etc) easily available for your affiliates. The easier it is to promote your offers the more money you and your affiliates will make.

Joint Venture Collaboration: Another form of business partnership is up the Joint Venture Collaboration a.k.a “JV”. Instead of encouraging joint promotion of an existing product. A JV allows two business to create a unique product or service together. If you and a fellow entrepreneur team up to write a book, you can both leverage each mother’s resources to make the book a success.  JV’s 

Great for thought leadership “cred” and visibility. A podcast can be a catalyst for JV or even guest blogging opportunities. Like teleseminars and webinars they offer a multi-sensory way to educate your audience to buy. However, I don’t recommend pitching your products in every podcast. A good strategy might be to use your podcast for educating and us the teleseminar to educate to sell.

Remember, it’s not about doing all of these. Choose  the one or two that fit comfortably with your personality, resources and business objectives. And, because many of the above options rely heavily on relationships, choose your partnerships wisely and keep up your end of the bargain. Any one of these can help you generate more sales faster and more sustainably over time.

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What types of content have worked best for you in promoting your products and services?

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