When Life and Business Collide – The Stuff No One Wants to Talk About

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There is a secret in online business that no one talks about. It’s the reason behind the emails that don’t get sent, the products that don’t get launched and the multiple income earning dreams interrupted.

Nope it’s not another “fill-in-the-blank” marketing no no…

It’s LIFE.

It’s the hundred and fifty ton train that barrels at you from out of nowhere and smashes into your hopes, dreams and ambitions and brings everything to a screeching halt.

My Story…

Since launching my business as a Virtual Assistant in 2007, my life and business has had its share of growing pains.

In the span of just six years, I’ve had three children – boys, lost my mom, managed life while my husband was at war, survived the challenges of his return, navigated the waves of a marriage blasted by earth shattering storms, lost my mind, found it again and managed to run a business that sustained me and my family comfortably through it all.

I did it, through the tears through the judgments through the doubts and the fear.

I’m still here!

I’ve transitioned from a Virtual Assistant to Online Business Manager with specialties in social media and content marketing.

Tackling the Taboo…

Some may ask or even wince that I’m sharing such intimate detail of my life with you. My goal is not to win an award or to even get sympathy for my hardships. I simply want to break the silence on the issues that REALLY keep us from writing that book, finishing our websites, building the business, making the impact and standing up and stepping out.


  • What do you do when one dream falls apart while another is just being birthed?
  • What do you do when your marriage falls apart while you’re in the middle of a project?
  • What do you do when you get sick in the middle of a launch, someone dies or any number of unforeseen traumatic life events that threaten to wipe away everything you’ve worked soooo hard to build?

You keep going.

You pray, you repair, you heal and you commit to your purpose.

Yes, the marketing tips, tricks, tools and best practices are important to hone and mold your business into something that makes money and meaning in the marketplace. And, yes I plan to share my knowledge and expertise to help you do that.

But, sometimes it’s not about “5 mistakes entrepreneurs make online” or SEO or any of the other shiny marketing objects we use to distract us from the storms chasing us in our personal lives.

Sometimes it’s just about being real.

Here are 3 REAL things life has taught me about keeping me, my dreams and my business alive:

  1. It’s not about you it’s about the lesson. Learn it. If you don’t, they have a way of making you take the test over.
  2. Hold on to your faith. Life has a way of bringing you to the realization, you are not in control. I know that my faith in God was what got me through victoriously.
  3. Love yourself through it.  Your story is being shaped so that one day, you can inspire others that they too can rise above any adversity. So, love yourself through the hurt, pain and mistakes. It will all make since in time.


Are you secretly fighting a battle that’s threatening your dream?

Because of the sensitive nature of this subject, Feel free to email me your story kenyah at mycontentplanner dot com and I’ll respond personally. If you have insight or advice you’d like to share here, you can do so below. 🙂

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